Spoetzl House B&B

This is a great place.  It is the oldest houses in town that have all been moved to a block in town and they make up their own little town inside a town.  It is like stepping back in time in a local city block.   The best part is, the one we stayed in was originally owned by the Spoetzl family.  Casmos Spoetzl was a brew master brought into the brewery from Germany to save the brewery.   The brewery is just around the corner from this location and I truly believe that Casmos is still residing at the location today.   

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Reported Haunting's

These are personal experiences.  My first visit I stayed with my son and we each took a bed.  I did not sleep well feeling like someone was standing over me.  I used my SLS camera and did find some kinetic energy around the table.  I was not sure if it was haunting the whisky barrel or the house.  

My next visit I was with my husband and we had taken a tour of the Shiner Brewery and I tool a ton of photos with my phone and when we returned to the house, I proceeded to tell Mr Cosmos Spoetzl about my visit and showed him the photos.  My husband tried to record the interaction with the SLS camera but Mr Spoetzl stood beside me very intently looking at all the photos and listening to me speak about his accomplishments.   Then later in the evening I could see him laying in the bed that I had slept in when I came before with my son. 

The next day I was going to show Mr Spoetzl the items I had purchased at the gift shop but he was no where to be found.  I was thinking he was spending his day at the Shiner Brewery like he did when he was alive.