McInteer Villa Atchison Kansas

 This home was built in 1889 by an Irish man that traveled to the US alone as a boy.   He built the house several years after arriving in America.  He lived there a few years with his first wife and she passed away.  He remarried and his second wife had 3 kids from a previous marriage.  When he passed her and her heir's kept the home until 1925.  

In 1925 from 1950 the home was used as a rooming house.  In 1950 the house was purchased by and eccentric professional violinist.  She was unable to do many renovations to the home like she had hoped and ended up selling the house shortly before she died in 1969. 

There are many reported haunting's at this location, Using my SLS Camera I did pick up some kinetic energy hanging in the attic next to the ladder and I did pick up some kinetic energy  by the fireplace where it is said that a previous home owner was found deceased.  

There are 8 recorded deaths at this location.  7- are natural causes and 1 was a suicide.  Not sure but I am wondering if he hung himself from the rafters in the attic??? 

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Reported Haunting's

The reported haunting's for this location are vague at best.  Remember the only thing we found at this location was kinetic energy hanging from the roof by the attic ladder, and kinetic energy by the fireplace and Goldie's rocker where she died.  Others have reported...

Lights coming off and on in the tower that has no electricity.

Figures in windows when no one is home.

Items moving in front of owners and visitors alike.

Rocking chair rocking

Slamming doors all night long.

Foot steps on the second floor all night long.

Female voices have been heard.

Shadow people have been seen.