Stanley Hotel Estes Park Co

We traveled to Co during the summer and only stayed one night in the Stanley.  We had no experiences while there.  It was very strange we were in room 400.  When we got off the elevator the plaques that direct you to your room did not give a direction for room 400.  We asked the floor bellhop and he did not think they had a room 400.  So we searched the whole floor and found this little door to the left of the emergency fire escape exit, and it said 400.  It was very much out of order with the rest of the rooms but hey we found it and were actually staying at the Stanley Hotel in Estes, Colorado.  When we opened that door we were quite shocked.  The room was very small.  I did post the photos of our room. 

I will say the best part about the whole stay was Voodrew.  He was our tour guide for the Ghost tour and he was great.  So I recommend the tour but not the hotel.  That town is awesome and there are nicer places to stay while you can just drop in on the Stanley.   

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Reported Haunting's

 It is reported that the head housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was injured while lighting the lanterns in room 217 and still today haunts it. She will put your clothes away if you leave them out and put your suitcase away if you forget before leaving the room.   This room is also reported to have a spirit of high moral values.  

It is reported that the 4th floor was where the help stayed and they would have their children there and they can be heard running up and down the halls playing.  It is reported that children turn on lights and turn on the televisions at all hours of the night. 

In room 401 the closet door opens and closes on it's own.  Also reported is the entity of Lord Dunraven in this room where he will take items of jewelry and hangs out in the closet.  

In room 428- a Cowboy stands at the foot of your bed and you hear footsteps above your head in the small attic. 

The Grand Stair case is reported to have  many ghost's inhabit this location. 

The underground caves are reported to be haunted by the previous workers who loved their job so much they never want to leave. 

The Piano Room is said to be haunted by Flo Stanley where she can be heard playing the piano. 

Freelan Stanley can be seen leaning against the wall by the bar or walking through the main lobby at closing time.