The Saint George Hotel

This hotel was built in 1846,  and pretty much burned to the ground in 1890, but was rebuilt and is still in operation today.  This hotel does say that it is haunted, while we had no haunting experience, we love this town.  The hotel is right on the main strip in town.  A town that shuts down rather early.  But a great town no matter what.  The hotel is pretty much all up stairs and the rooms are kinda small but being that it is really the only hotel in town they don't have to fight for your business.  Down stairs on the corner is a pub/bar it is very nice.  I did not take many pictures of this hotel because there is not much to it.  Also look at my photos in Weston of Cole House lodge.  We have not stayed there but will try to do it one day.  

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Reported Haunting's

The most haunted rooms are reported to be room 302 and 303,

There is reported to be a ghost of a young boy who tends to hide objects belonging to guests.  If you find a St. Michael necklace with Our Lady of Remedy on the back side mail it back to me please!   

People have also reported furniture being moved around the room while they sleep.