The Baladerry Inn Gettysburg Pa

This location was built in 1812.  It served as a hospital in the battle of Gettysburg. It is reported that the bodies of seven confederate solders are buried under the tennis courts at the location. 

Some People have reported the feeling of a person climbing into bed with them.

It has been reported that Confederate General Robert E. Lee has been seen in the area. 


This tour was taken with the group GhostHuntsUSA.  We traveled to PA. We met with others that had traveled great distances to take this tour.  This was a great experience for all involved.  It was and amazing trip and I would definitely recommend using this group if you

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Reported Hauntings

The reported hauntings are believed to be seven Confederate soldiers that are buried beneath the nearby tennis courts.  There have been photos taken of theses soldiers standing by the French Style Double doors or standing just outside these doors. 

People have reported seeing ghostly images around the Gazebo.  People have reported hearing the cries of wounded soldiers, ghostly Civil War music, and the sounds of horse hoof's pounding the ground. 

There is a reported haunting of a gentleman by the name of Geoffrey who prefers blondes and can be felt in the Primrose room.  Some have even reported the feeling of someone getting into bed with them. 


The Marigold room has reporting's of a female seen standing at the foot of the bed.  It has been reported that she takes pride with vintage jewelry and will lay it out.