THE Historic Summit Inn

This Inn was built on a "National Road" to connect the East and the West.  The Road was made public in 1818.  As with all Federal, and state roads the road needed many repairs  so the state took over the maintenance of the road.  

A group of wealthy men from the local town of Uniontown had a desire to build a mountain resort.  

The hotel first opened its doors to the public in 1907.  There have been many greats that have stayed at this location such as Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison. 

In 1924 the Inn added the world's first all steel Olympic swimming pool. 

A German immigrant purchased the Inn in 1930, and brought national attention to the inn.  

In the 1950's the hotel was in a state of disrepair.  The current owners recruited the Shoemakers to help re-establish the grandure of the Inn.

The Shoemaker's eventually purchased the Inn in 1963.  They worked tirelessly to get the Inn up and running.  To this day the inn is still in the family.  

Reported Hauntings

In room 119 there are reports of children crying and lights flickering in the middle of the night.