Park Hotel

Generate excitement

This hotel is in Frederickshvn Denmark.  It was originally built as a home for a captain of a ship that docked locally and need a place for him and his crew to stay when not at sea.  He remained in the house until his passing and the house traded hands and now is owned by a couple of sister's.  

These sisters are running the park hotel and live on the grounds.  They do not boast any haunting's but this hotel was a home and many have passed away through the many years.  

You don't get the sense of not being wanted there but occasionally you do get the sense of being watched or checked in on.  We always stayed a whole week at the location and enjoyed every day and night of the trip but found when you come in after hours that you might be trespassing.  It is an amazing place.  One of the only places we will stay while in Fredickshvn.