Presido La Bahia Goliad Texas

This Fort was founded in 1721.  In the years following it was the site of pretty much constant battles to gain control of the Fort.  In 1832 in the Texas War for Independence the Fort was won back from the Mexicans.  

We stayed at this location over night.  We had no experiences at this location.  But it was a great visit.  There were many things that went on but they were in no way anything to do with a haunting.  You have to realize that you are dealing with quarters built in 1749 and even though you are not exposed directly to the elements outside they can come inside as the fort has holes in the walls for critters to come in.   I had read on line about what other people had experienced at the location and they were easily explained away.  But we enjoyed our stay.  

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Presidio La Bahia

The reported haunting's for this location range from seeing soldiers and hearing their cries throughout the night.  

Light flashes on the grounds have been reported (as in muzzle flashes).

Hearing footsteps.

Doors Opening, or rattling, and being watched.