The Palace Hotel & Bath House

This place does not boast being haunted.  It is an amazing place to stay.  It is close to the main street in Eureka Springs.  They do serve you breakfast but it is in your room in the mornings.  We did not experience any haunting's but did have to check out the bath house by means of a couples massage.  This place surly has got some guests that never want to leave.  I could live there.   It was reported to have been a brothel back in the day.  

Reported hauntings

This place does not boast haunting's and many have not been reported.  The only thing I could find was a woman reported that her and her husband were getting frisky one night and there was a loud bang on their door.  She went to the door and no one was there.  She assumed it was the madame from the old brothel, upset that she did not collect her fees upfront.