Auf Schoenburg

This hotel does not boast any hauntings, but it is an amazing place.  This is a place that I vow I will return to some day.  They had almost all areas of the castle open to the guest so that you can see it all.  We ate dinner in the restaurant and the food never stopped coming.  The view of the river was amazing and the day we were there a storm came up very quickly.  They don't really have an exact date of it being first build they say between 911 and 1149 and was ruled by the Dukes of Schonburg who ruled over the town of Oberwesel and levied customs on the Rhine river.  

In the 14th century it is reported that the castle accommodated up to 250 persons from 24 families at the same time. 

 The castle was heavily damaged in 1689 by french  soldiers during the Palatinate wars.  It laid in ruins for almost 200 years when it was acquired from the town of Oberwesel, by a German-American family.  Then it was later acquired back by the town of Oberwesel who in turn sold it to the current owners.  But you can not tell me with that kind of history you don't have some haunts hanging out.  

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Reported Haunting's

I actually could not find any listed haunting's for this location but it is steeped in 1000 years of history so I know it is there, but untold at this time.  I will find it so please check back.