Arlington Hotel Hot Springs Ark

This Hotel is located in Hot Springs Ark.  It is in the Ouachita Mountains.  The original hotel opened in 1875 and was re-built in 1892-1893.   It was 4 stories with 300 rooms.  The second hotel burned to the ground on April 5th 1923 killing one fireman. 

The Hotel was rebuilt in 1924 in a new location, and they made the old location a park.  

The hotel has an extensive list of distinguished guest ranging from Al Capone who preferred room 442 but rented the whole 4th floor for all his men.  The hotel has seen Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, George H W Bush, Bill Clinton, Babe Ruth, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand and even Yoko Ono.

in 1955 the hotel added central heat and air.  The main elevators were replaced in 1969.  But the bath house elevator in all its splendid glory is still operational to this day.  It was installed in 1924.  

We did not experience any haunting in this hotel and we searched it top to bottom.  It is a splendid hotel and an amazing treasure to Hot Springs.  


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Reported Haunting's


These are the reported haunting's. 

(None of the listed items have been confirmed by myself) As I have said me and my husband show up and ghost's leave.  

Lobby- The bar piano plays by it's self late at night.

4th Floor- The Bellman from years past is reported to wander this floor. 

Room 443- This was Al Capone's room when he visited even though he rented out the complete 4th floor for all his personnel.   They say Al haunts his room. 

Room 667- Guest report hearing strange things in this room.

7th Floor- hair pulled unwarranted touchings

Room 824 - unconfirmed evil spirit

11th Floor - men talking near elevator and a man in a black suit has been seen in the laundry room 

Boarded up rooms - there has been reports of noises of slamming doors and whispers and conversations going on behind the closed doors.