Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs Ark

The Crescent was constructed out of eighteen inch thick magnesium limestone and the stones fit together with out the use of mortar.  The hotel was constructed on Sandstone and limestone. The hotel had many pleasantries such as Edison lamps, electric bells, it was heated with steam and open grates and had an hydraulic elevator.    The Hotel Opened its doors in 1886.  In the Years from 1886 to 1901 the hotel had a stable with one hundred head of horses where guest could ride the trails in the local mountains. The hotel had an in house orchestra that would play for dance parties in the evenings.  

In 1908 to 1934 with a decline in guests for the hotel in the Fall, Winter and Spring the hotel became the Crescent College & Conservatory for young Women.  Still serving as a Hotel in the summer months.  In 1934 the great depression had struck across the United States and the College had to close its doors, opening only for the summer months.  

In 1937 the hotel was purchased by a "Doctor" whom it was rumored was a shyster.  This "Doctor" reopened the the hotel and called it Baker's Cancer Curing Hospital.  I am sure it is some of those "patients" that haunt the location today.   In 1940 "Doctor" Norman Baker was incarcerated in Leavenworth Federal Prison for the fraud that he had perpetrated upon those poor cancer victims.  He only served four years for his crimes while his victims are serving an eternity.    

In 1946 the hotel was once again purchased by share holders, and ran as a hotel until it was almost burnt completely to the ground in 1946.  Where it remain in that state until 1997.

In 1997 the hotel was purchase and underwent a six year restoration.  Where it is reported that at least one of those current owners still own it today.  

Reported Hauntings

If you think about the untold numbers of people that have passed away in this "current'" hotel you realize  that the hauntings range from various types of horror but also people who had their best memories while being at the location. 

The reported hauntings are all over this hotel.

It was reported that in 1905 the murder of  James Everette by  Jay Howerton happened  inside the hotel.  Jay Howerton  was later acquitted.

Norman Baker was not a doctor but presented himself as one.  He used the basement to preformed autopsy's on patients that died while in his care at his hospital.  He kept organ's from his deceased patients in jars on the shelves in the basement.   It was reported that some of the jars  with the human organs, were found buried on the  surrounding grounds when construction was  done to add on to the location and build other buildings.

Ghost have been photographed in the Jacuzzi suite.  

There was a little girl who took a tumble down the stairs and passed away and some say they have they have seen her moving up and down the stairs.

It is reported that a young boy whom the hotel staff refer to as Brekey, suffered death from a ruptured appendix is said to haunt the second floor halls. and the stairs leading to the second floor.

Room 218 has a ghost who goes by the name of Michael who was a stone mason that fell from the upper balcony area and landed into room 218.  He is reported to be mischievous. There is a sculptor of him in the lobby of the hotel.

The Third floor has many reports of hauntings, there is one of nurse who wheels a medical gurney down the hall with a patient  covered in a white sheet.   Some think this may be the mysterious  woman in white that has been reported roaming the 3rd floor halls.  People are reported to pass out on the 3rd floor and it has been reported that was the floor that surgeries were performed.

There is a room on this floor where surgeries were performed and this was called the pain asylum.  This Wing was hidden away when the hotel operated as Norman Bakers Hospital. 

There is reported to be a student that fell or was pushed from her 3rd floor balcony on the east side and died as a result of her injuries.  It has been reported that she might have been pregnant when she died.  She is believed to be seen as a mist in the hallway and room and then also see on the back courtyard in her nightgown. 

Room 419 is reported to be haunted by Theordora.  

Room 425 is reported to have a strange mist that comes from the hall into the room.

There are photographs of strange mists engulfing the outside of the hotel. 

There are Photographs of strange woman walking up the hotel stairs.

There are Photographs of strange faces in the mirrors, and windows

There has even been a photograph taken of a girls face coming through the wall. 

And people have photographs of Shadow People