Kahn Hotel

This Hotel is reported to be very haunted.  The location was built as a saloon and a brothel in 1865 and years later it became a funeral home.  The building eventually fell into ruin and was purchased to be a coffee house and a restaurant.  

The upstairs was converted into hotel rooms while the bottom remained a restaurant and coffee bar.  

The demand for places to stay in the City of Jefferson forced the place to remodel and add additional rooms to the location.  So now the location is a coffee shop and a hotel only.  

The hotel is very nice, the rooms are nicely done and are perfect in size. The location of this hotel to modern day Jefferson could not be more perfect for me.  It is located on the main street for the Mardi gras celebration. 

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Reported Hauntings

The reported hauntings very greatly with this location as it was a few different types of business through the years.

I will start with the reported haunting of 7 year old sprit that goes by the name of Andrew.  They say he was drowned in the bathtub by robbers of the brothel and whom also killed Andrews mother Jessica whom was a madam.  Andrews has been reported as being quite a playful spirit by rattling door handles.  Andrews mother Jessica is said to be the Lady in White.

Another spirit is said to be Captain Perry.  He was suppose to be a riverboat captain that docked in Jefferson and hung out at the brothel when he wasn't on the river.  There have been reports of smelling Captain Perry's Cigars  in the hallway's of the non smoking hotel.  

Another is said to be Jacquelyn whom came to Jefferson to work as a prostitute.  It is reported that Jacquelyn had two men fight over her and both ended up killing each other in the saloon.  Jacquelyn loved both of the men and hung herself in the upstairs area, the next night.

Another reported haunting is called the nightwatchman.  People report hearing his gun rapping on the windows at night, even the upstairs windows. 

Another haunting is a person whom sits on the side of your bed during the night,  They believe her name is Abigail. 

Another is an unknown person but she is reported to be naked, so they have named her the naked lady.  They believe that she came to Jefferson and decided to move to the location and was killed on her trip back.

There have been several paranormal investigations at this location and they have reported actual evidence proving the hauntings but me as always had no expierence.  

I did go through and take photos with both cameras and my husband used my night vision camera and he caught one strange photo that we cannot expain.  You will see me in the blue jacket and you will see a bright orb on my collar almost in my hair.  I had nothing in my hair, and nothing in my jacket.