Dragsholm Slot Castle

This Castle is in Zealand Denmark.  It is currently being operated as a hotel, a restaurant and bar.  This Castle was originally constructed in 1215.  It has survived many wars including one where parts of the castle were blown up.  It was later re-built.   The bones in the wall are reported to be one of the previous occupants daughters that had fallen in love with one of the servants and he was so angry that he had her sealed in the wall while she was alive.  I could not find any actual documentation on that.  Our room was just on the other side of the woman.  

They say there are three ghosts that haunt this location with her being one and the other two being another female and then Lord Bothwell.  In the years of 1536 to 1664 the castle was used as a prison for noble and ecclesiastical prisoners.  

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Reported Haunting's

As reported by Kathy Warnes, It is reported that close to 100 spirits roam the castle.  

Jochim Ronnow the last catholic Bishop of Roskidle died in Copenhagen but is said to roam the Dragsholm where he was held captive.  They say he can be heard moaning and chanting in the tower. 

James Hepburn 4th Earl of Bothwell and 3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scots was said to have been starved to death and gone mad.  But he is seen riding horses in the castle courtyard. 

The moans of Ejler Brokerhuus can be heard coming from the dungeon. 

Celina Bovles also called the white lady was encased alive inside the walls of the castle and can be heard looking for her lost lover. 

The Gray lady is reported to be a fair maiden that worked at the castle and had a tooth ache that was cured but the cure was reported to later kill her.  But grateful as she was she has stayed on at the castle to show her gratitude for the relief of the toothache pain.  

It is also reported that a horse and carriage can be heard traveling  through the courtyard.  It has been reported to be James Hepburn.