Emily Morgan San Antonio

This hotel has an interesting history that will shed light into its many reported haunting's.  

In 1924 the building was built as a medical arts building.  It was one of the first sky scrapes of San Antonio.   By 1926 it housed 100 doctors and office space for up to 400 people.  The downstairs served as offices for the Doctors and the top floors served as a city hospital.  The basement served as the morgue.  

The very top floor was used for surgeries and this was so that the windows could be opened and allow the floors to air-out any lingering odors. 

The building worked as doctor office's until 1976.  It is reported that in 1976 it was converted to office space.  

In 1984 it was purchased and renovations were done to convert it into the Emily Morgan hotel.   The hotel houses 177 rooms and 24 Suites.  It is report that the owners skipped the 13th floor and went strait to the 14th floor.  No explaination needed there.  But it is reported that they also did not use room number 1408.  This I cannot confirm at this time because this is new information to me, and I did not check for it when we were there last.  The reported reason for skipping that number was because when you add 1+4+0+8 it equals 13.  

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Reported Haunting's

14th Floor-People reported opening their room door into the hall way and seeing a surgery center.  They close the door and re-open it and the surgery center is gone. 

Guest report the smell of chemicals and the scent of a surgical center. 

Some guests have reported the sound of a male voice growling, and the flicker of lights and electrical equipment shorting out.  

12th Floor- People have reported doors in their rooms opening and closing on their own. 

Faucets in rooms coming on, on their own.  The guest will go to turn off the water and when they cross the threshold of the bathroom the water will shut off on its own.  

Light's flicker in Rooms.

Some people report opening the room door into the hall and seeing nurse's pushing gurney's down the hall to only disappear after a few seconds.

People report unwanted/unwarranted touches with no one around.  

It has also been report that the smell of medicine or chemicals can be found on this floor.  

11th Floor-The apparition of an older woman crying, wandering the floor in a hospital gown.

The sound of a hospital gurney being pushed up and down the hall.

It has been reported that a group of children have teased a chambermaid and made her run out screaming. 


9th Floor-  Bottles falling off tables.

Doors slamming all night long. 

Toilet seats being banged in the middle of the night.

Un-occupied rooms creating noises as if occupied by loud hotel guests.

Room 908- Clothes thrown around the room.  Bathroom jets on the tub coming on all hours of the night.  Knocking at the door and when you look out the peep whole you see a woman in a white and yellow dress and when you open the door to see what she wants she will not speak to you and walks away into another room.  But does this several times during the night.  Unoccupied rooms having loud parties with loud music.  Room phone ringing with no one on the other end. TV coming on with the volume turned up full blast.  Soda cans being thrown around the room.  

7th Floor- Reports of Shadow people walking around the halls, through walls or doors.

Electrical surges causing appliances to come on at full volume.  

Woman wondering the halls crying in the night. 

Apparitions behind you when looking into mirrors. 

3rd Floor- A young girl in the room humming and sitting at the foot of the bed. 

The bed will drop as if someone sat on the edge, or the covers will lift as if someone is climbing into bed with you. 

The feeling of someone climbing into bed with you, and holding your hand. 

Room temperature dropping for no reason. 

Elevators- It has been reported that the elevators go up and down with no one on them. 

Sometimes the elevator doors shut and remain closed for hours on end, even with people inside them.  It has been reported that the front desk receives calls from the elevator phone when no one is in the elevator.  It is report that sometimes the elevator don't care what floor you want off on,  it thinks you need to see the basement and takes you strait there.  Bypassing all the pressed floor buttons.  

This hotel does not boast being haunted and the staff will shut you down quickly if you mention it.  I have been here a couple of times with something un-explainable happening the first time and then nothing at all the second time.  Not sure if it can be chalked up to being with different people each time or being in a different room.  

The first time I think we were on the 8th floor and I awoke to the side of the bed going down as if someone sat on the edge of the bed.  It was so extreme that it in fact woke me from a dead sleep.  This last time there was nothing strange.  We were on the 14th floor this last time.

Every floor in this hotel looks the same but the rooms are different.  The tours will tell you the basement is extremely haunted but you are allowed down there and it is banquet rooms and I found no activity.  And you can escape quite easily via stairs right in the middle of the floor.