Magnolia Hotel Seguin Tx

This hotel is not open for overnight (sleeping) guest's.  It is open for tours and ghost hunts.  But to me the best part of this hotel is the owner.  She makes this place a great place to visit just to listen to her talk about her experiences.  She loves this hotel and really enjoys being in it and hopes to be able to open it for true over night guests. 

The hotel started out as a log cabin for a Texas Ranger James Campbell.  He built in in 1840.  After he was ambushed and killed by Comanche Indians the cabin was sold and made into stagecoach stop.  The owner added a 3 room building behind the cabin to form the first hotel in Sequin and called it the Magnolia Hotel.  Since that time there have been many things go on in this hotel but the story really is best heard from the current owner.  If I did not know better I would swear that she had previously lived in that hotel???????  


The Magnolia is reported to have 13 ghosts that haunt the location.  

The oldest of them would be the Texas Ranger who built his log cabin on the land.  James Campbell.  He is said to haunt the front room of the hotel which was once his one room log cabin. 

The next would be Wilhem Faust who  murder his niece in New Braunfuls instead 

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Reported Haunting's

People report seeing shadow figures.  Furniture moves on its own.  Doors are slammed, the sound of footsteps and voices calling peoples names.

People have taken photos from outside of spirits looking out at them.

There has been a report of a black and white mist in the smoke room.

There is a woman whom haunts the bottom floor waiting for her lover to return. 

People have phantoms show up in photos. 

The bottom floor also has a little girl who haunts it and there has been video of her ball moving in her room when no one else was around.