Pythian Castle Springfield Mo.

This Castle first opened its doors in June of 1914.   It was to be a rest home for retired knights of the pythian's and for widows and orphans of former members.   It served in that manner until March/April 1942, when the US Army moved into the location.  In the years of being operated as a retirement home / orphanage there were 105 deceased persons at the location of which 103 were older people passing away and 2 reported suicides.  The 2 suicides are reported to be a Jess Rey a Swedish immigrant.  He is reported to have shot him self in the head with a rifle as he was dying of skin cancer on his face.  

The 2nd suicide was reported to be a William Renzenbrink who was a German immigrant who is reported to have sliced his own throat.  

When we went the Castle was under construction and it was in the middle of the day.  It wasn't scary but the owner did have some great tails of strange happenings at the location.  It is a beautiful place and has a rich American history.   

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Reported Haunting's

Hearing voices call out when no one is around.  Objects moving on their own. Being touched, or seeing ghostly figures of children.  It is reported that you will get strange odors. 

EVP's have been captured at this location in the basement.