Empress of LIttle Rock

This home was built in  1888 for the sum of 20,000.   It is reported to be 7200 square feet.  

The home owner owned a saloon in town and would have card games with illegal betting up in the turret.    There is a trap door at the top of the turret and the owner would heist neighborhood kids up in the top to watch for police approaching.   You can see the small windows above the stained glass windows. 

The man who built the home was found dead at the front gate only two years after completing the house.  

The home was then purchased by a former federal marshal and the Marshal worked for the a U.S. District Judge that was  famous for  being a "Hanging Judge"  

This home has been the site of different businesses, such as a women's college, It was then a rooming house for women, and then a nursing home.  In 1993 the home was once again restored and was converted into a B & B.   Where it is currently family owned and operated.  It is an amazing place with amazing history.  

This house was torn apart so many times to change it to fit the types of business that it housed that the house seemed to suffer at the hands of each new owner until the current homeowners brought it back to what it is today. 

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Reported Hauntings

The turret  room has had reports of laughing and party sounds coming from the room.  It was also reported that playing cards have been found scattered across the floor of this room.

It is reported that the second owner, a U.S. Marshal still hangs out at the location today.  He has been reported as being seen on the stairs. 

Other hauntings are reported as furniture being dragged across the upstairs floors, footsteps up stairs, a black mass floating around, and in the original owners master suite the fireplace is reported to come on, on its own.  There have also been reports of a gentleman on the stairs who smiles and nods at the guests.

The reported hauntings range from a well dressed man, to a healthy woman in pink, a chamber maid, and a sea captain.

When the mansion was purchased in 1993 the mansion was very unwelcoming with all the changes that had been performed through the years and it was going to be a major undertaking to get it back to its grandeur.   In January 1994 the new owners  noted that the commercial kitchen done with black cabinets, kitchen carpeting and massive ceiling beams created  the most unattractive kitchen to be seen by his eyes ever.   As the owner was contemplating his decision to do this remodel he caught a bit of movement in the hall to his right.  As he turned his head to focus on the distraction he caught the apparition of a man slowly descending the stairs.  The apparition of the man was wearing a homburg  hat and a vey sleek and  elegant suit and he turned and looked at the new owner as if to say "Save this house".   His wife saw the same apparition and the same look.  

In June 1994 construction was progressing slowly and the Arkansas heat was in full force, and the front doors to the house had been removed to be re-sized to open from the correct direction from a home and not a business.  The owner was feeling the heat set in and looked at the solid black plastic covering the vacant entrance when it hit him that he would be having to leave the house open to anyone wanting to steal the architectural features or the custom designed solid brass hardware and hinges.   As he was standing there he was enveloped in a blast of artic air that penetrated his vey core and rushed to the door.   In his mind he envisioned the original home owner making sure he knew that he was watching and saying this is my house you are only a guest. 

In October 1995 they were opening  the B&B and had guest already staying but there was a contractor still finishing up some of the interior painting in the Turret/ Card Room.  This worker was staining the door and needed more stain so he went to a work area in the attic to get more stain and when he returned to the turret the room door was closed.  This door did not have a lock or even have a handle. Tim could not open the door  he tried several different things but still could not get it open so he went to retrieve a screwdriver to pry the door open.  Upon his return the door was standing open.  From inside the room appeared the apparition of a man was wearing a homburg  hat and a vey sleek and  elegant suit.   The contractor left the house never to return.

January 1997 a guest was staying the night.  She had arrived late so the innkeeper shared her beef stew with her and then she went on up to her room for the night.  As she was the only person in the place that night she left her door partially open to view the beautiful home .  As she was sitting in her bed with the fire place burning she heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the bedroom.  She was thinking  it was the inn keeper coming to say goodnight.  The footsteps continued to her door and paused but no one came in or spoke to her.   Then the door nob turned back and forth and the door swung back shoving the door stop with it and the doorway was empty the guest jumped up and looked in the hall to see if anyone was there, and no one was around.  

July  1997 a guest reported seeing different apparition's in the house one was  outside her room door and was a of a 30-35 year old large woman dressed in pink wearing a large scarf around her neck with her hair up on her head.  

Then she was touring the house and looked in another room and saw a heavy set man with a white beard,  black pants, white shirt, and tall black boots.  The man appeared to be a captain, he was either drunk or angry.  And in the same room was a slim little woman sitting on the bed upset and crying.

In the maids closet there was a young black woman folding laundry .  All through the night she heard men's voices above her laughing and children arguing and sounds of boots stomping and occasional canes hitting.  All this noise lasted until around 4 am.  And then stopped.

Even though this place reports these hauntings none of these have ever been sinister in nature.  I believe that the current occupants living and deceased are pleased with the current restoration of the home and the way it is being used currently.  Especially the Sunday Tea!