This is a video from my personal home of our interaction with something.   My husband had a drink in the holder next to the recliner and you can see the stick figure desperately trying to get a drink.   After meeting a couple of great mediums I am positive this is my dad.  And after they told me he was trying to get in touch this is just the way I remember him, sitting in his recliner with a beer by his side watching 

Privacy Policy

This site is of my own free will.  I do not collect or dissimulate any information from visitors to my site.  The photos posted to this site are taken by myself or a fellow hunter that attends the event with myself.  This site is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to prove or disprove anything.  If you view something inappropriate, please do not hesitate to let me know.  Have fun, as I have.  

About This Site

I have hundreds of photos to upload but the site is very slow to upload photos so please  be patient and check back occasionally. 

 I am not being paid by anyone for this website.  I am doing this of my own free will for individuals who are interested like me in History and that, which goes with the history. 

I have visited so many wonderful places and have so many photos I really wanted to share them.  

 Some places say they are haunted and then some will never admit to any type of haunting.   

When you look at different photos you will notice some are darker than others or some are  blurry.  I did nothing to my camera to make those effects they are the effects of the location on my camera.  There have been times where my camera just totally stopped working.  The worst location I found was the McInteer Villa in Atchison Ks.  At this location even though my flash went off the pictures are all dark.  My main camera is a Cannon Rebel SL1.  The other camera is just a little Bell Howell S50HDZ that was altered for Ghost hunting.  I purchased it from  the button below.  

Ghost Stop

That Camera will give photos a pink hue because the camera has been altered to pickup anomalies that the naked eye cannot see.  Therefore you may see what some say are orbs, and others say are just dust.  You decide for your self.  Good luck!