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I like many before me, I had strange experiences when I was young.  You notice I do not say "haunted experiences".  I will probably never be able to say what I had other than they were strange and scared me really bad.  My problem is that I can only recall a few of them but my life has been surrounded by more as I have grown, and they are not going away any time soon.  No matter how much I try to ignore them.  So I have embraced this and have chosen to face them head on and share what I find so that others can help me discover what exactly is going on in my life.  

The most note worthy experience was when I was 17 my family moved from one town in Dallas County, Texas to another town in Dallas County, Texas.  You can drive for an hour around Dallas and still be in Dallas County.  I was enrolled in school at the time of the move so my parents allowed me to stay with friends during the week to attend the same school, and go to the new house on the weekends to unpack and set up my new room.   

Our new house was great.  We were only renting this house until another house could be built on a vacant lot in this town.  But I loved the house.  It was just three bedrooms.  Which my old house had been four, but both my older brothers had moved out and my mom had another baby.  Yes, I went from being the only girl and the baby at 16 to a big sister, which meant I lost all my identity.  No worries for me, it kept my mother and father both very busy having a baby at forty years old.  So in this new house the baby had her own room and I had my own room but only on the weekends.  Other wise during the week I was in the other town attending school and living part time with my best friend.  

My weekends at my new house got really creepy, really fast.  My parents were really not around there much so that did not help, and it was on a dead end street that ended into a major lake.  Then you add the fact that behind that house was a creek that fed into the lake and the creek was always over grown with trees and brush, and that did not help.  Many things happened in that house and I would not discover til many years later that I was not the only one with issues.  

When the summer came I eventually moved completely into the house and shortly after that the bad things started happening.  The first bad thing that happened in the house was that when we moved we moved my pet rabbit.  The rabbit only lived a few months after moving in, and she wasn't but a couple of years old.  

My dad had a white German Shepherd that went everywhere with him.  His name was Dogg.  (I did not name him.)   Any ways since it was summer and I was home my dad felt it was best to leave the dog home with me.  One day he kept going to the door to go out and we would go out then he would come to the door to be let back in so we would come in.  I don't know if he found something in the yard that made him sick but he passed away that day.  I was there with him when he passed and there had been nothing wrong with him before he passed.  It was a very hard day for me.  

I started back to the local school in the fall.  Now mind you that there had been strange things going on in the house but they were nothing more than that feeling of being watched constantly or the bumps in the night.  But I had adopted the practice of only sleeping in the house with someone home with me, or I had a friend stay the night either way I did not sleep in my bed room with out a light on at all times, and just to be safe I left both closet lights on so I could see if either of the closet doors opened.

One day I came home from school and I walked in the door and had that creepy feeling but just shook it off and headed down the hall to my bedroom to put my books away.  I always parked in the drive way and came in through the garage.  So in walking to my bed room I had to pass the front Door entrance and hallway that had a coat closet in the hall.  As I am walking past the hallway I see the closet door wide open (a closet that was never ever used) and the items in the bottom of the closet were all out in the hallway.  Needless to say I back tracked and headed back out the way I came in.  I drove strait to my mom and dads business and told my mom and she came home with me.  When we returned everything was put away, thankfully my mom remembered how she had stored the items in the closet and knew someone had been in the house.   

Since both my parents were working full time I would have to keep the house clean and take care of doing my daily chores.  Well on this particular day I cannot tell you exactly what happened (I was 17/18 years of age), but I was warming some grease from the morning breakfast on the stove and I sat down to watch Gilligan's Island.  The next thing I knew I heard a loud wwwhhhhhoooooosssshhh and I turned around and all I saw were flames coming from the stove.  Needless to say the house did not burn down but it had some bad damage to the kitchen area.  My dad owned a construction company so his plan was to fix everything before we moved out.  After all we had signed a two year lease when we moved in.   I had heard that the home owner and his wife had split up and were just going to rent the home til they could figure things out.  

In the process of all these things happening my dad would come to me and ask me strange questions.  He asked me why I was taking a shower in my bathroom in the middle of the night and did I have to be so loud doing it.  He even went so far as to ask me if my boy friend was driving over from across Dallas in the middle of the night and if we were having "relations" in the bathroom.  I looked at him like he was crazy.  He then told me that if it was not me that it must be my mother.  That did not work because she was in bed with him.  

The next thing I know in life is that the homeowner has come back and wants us to break the lease because he is moving back into his home with his ex.  They were getting back together.  Then the next thing that happens is that my parents that had been married for 25 years, building a thriving construction company, building a new office for the business and building us a new home were all the sudden getting a divorce.  We moved out, my father to an apartment and me, my mom and my sister into a small house in the same town.  

Forward ten years and I am working in the next county over as a jailer (detention officer).  In this job you have to supervise the inmates in the kitchen while they prepare the meals for the other inmates.  As I was standing in the kitchen I was listening to the trustees talking.  I don't recall the conversation but somewhere in the conversation one of the inmates and I realize that I had lived in the house that he had grown up in.   This being the same house that I had burnt the kitchen up in and then we were shortly kicked out of before my dad could repair the kitchen.   This is the house that I would swear was haunted.  But as strange as that is the worst part is ........that inmate was awaiting transport to a state prison for a murder conviction that he had received before I started working at the jail.  

Move forward six more years and I am married and have a son and we move to a house out in the county.   Its on some land and its peaceful and quite.  One night my husband and I are outside and he proceeds to show me the spot, where the sheriffs office found the body of the murdered woman.  I don't want to go into to much detail but it is actually very close to our home.   Talk about 6 degrees of separation.

Move forward another eighteen years, my father has been dead about 5 years and I finally ask my mother about her experiences in that house.  She told me that shortly after moving in, when I was still attending school in the other city in Dallas that her and my father stayed awake one night on the couch with a .357 gun awaiting an intruder.  Her and my father would hear noises in the night that would wake them up and my father swore that someone was trying to break in and take my little sister.  She said she also was very uncomfortable in that house also.    

There are many more stories of strange things in my life that have led me here and I will eventually get around to sharing them, but I will post the photos of my excursions for you to share in my experiences.  I have yet to photograph any thing but feel free to enjoy the photos of the locations I have been to.    

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Here I hope you can share in my experiences of Ghost Hunting.  Maybe not actually going to the locations but by viewing the locations from the safety of your computer.  Enjoy.