The Park Plaza Hotel

This Hotel does not boast being haunted, and currently the web site shows that it is no longer open.  I have checked the location and it has closed its doors.  The hotel is in the center of town and is very historic it was built in 1917 by a German immigrant and it had businesses on the bottom floors and the hotel was above.  

From 1927 to 1930 it served as a hospital.  After that the word plaza was added into the hotels name.  

The hotel is on the outer edge of the town square and on the SW corner of the hotel was a tree that was used to do the town lynching's.  It was located between the courthouse and the morgue, so it was a very convenient location.   This Hotel would be a great place for Ghost Hunting teams to rent out and do an overnight investigation.  

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Reported Haunting's

I have not found any reported Haunting's to date.  Check back for updates.