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Jefferson History Haunts and Legends Spring 2019

This event will take place in Jefferson, Texas on April 6th 2019.  

Reported Information

This is a conference is for ghost enthusiast's.  The conference is broken into two sessions.  The first session is where several different people come and talk about experiences that they have had and either are now active ghost hunters or authors with a published story detailing these experiences.  

One of the best to listen to is Mitchell Whitington.  He is a local author that currently owns and lives in one of the most haunted houses in Jefferson Texas.  His house was once the house that nightmares come from.  It has calmed down with him and his wife living there but before they moved in the stories were that of which you would never ever want to experience your self.  

It's has been reported that knives have been thrown across the room.

Mitch does give tours of his home and the guest usually report strange occurrences.  

His home is called the Grove.  

And no stories are ever the same he has never material every month, what with living in a haunted house and all.  

The evening portion is when they break all the guest into groups and you get to go with a group of ghost hunters and actually go into some of Jefferson's Haunted Locations.  The groups you are assigned to usually will show you some of the techniques that they use when out on a haunted location and you get to be there to see it happen,