History Haunts and Legends Spring 2019

This is a Ghost Hunt that is performed two times a year in Jefferson Texas.  This town is very haunted and they flaunt all their haunting's.  

The HHL Hunt is a great experience as you get to go into several haunted locations to investigate.  I have done it multiple times so the pictures are of the different locations that we have gone into on different trips.  

The event is broken into a couple of categories.  The first part is the information sessions.  This is where they have authors, paranormal groups, physics and others come in and talk to the participants about various things.  They usually have a great group of people with great stories.  The second part is the tours at night. This the where you get to go with a certain paranormal group and check some of the reported haunted spots in town.  

They have altered the hunts, depending on the paranormal groups some want the whole time at one location while others have wanted to check out all the different areas.  So each time you may get something different but it has always been a great experience. 

The Lady who heads up this event each year also does a ghost walk each weekend in Jefferson.  That is how I found this event.  When you checkout the link below you will see where you can purchase tickets to the weekend ghost walk or the History Haunts and Legends Conference.

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Reported Haunting's

I can give a personal experience from the Ghost Walk. I had a hand held recorded as I was walking on the tour and I picked up an EVP along the river.  The tour group was all walking to our next location and I was talking with my mother in law and you hear a woman scream "MY BABY, MY BABY"  we never heard it and it was never acknowledged by either one of us.  

A friend was on the tour and walking once again along the river and we passed what is now McGinty's Saloon and she saw a woman in a Victorian dress standing in the upstairs window.  

Possible places Of the HHL Conference this year may included...…….

The Magnolias Mansion

The Rowell Building  If I have the correct building this shows to be the last building in Jefferson to have housed slaves.  It was built in 1856 as a one room wood frame structure.  It appears that an additional room was added that used a sole fireplace to heat both rooms. 0

The Old Mill

The Turner Cottage

The Hale House 

The French Town House

I will research each location and update the reported hauntings.  Stay Tuned.