Coming Soon The Gettysburg Hotel

This hotel was established in 1797 and is located in the historic area of downtown Gettysburg Pa.  This hotel was actually started as small tavern.   It was later purchased by a former Sheriff, and renamed.  

In the 1890's the property changed owners and the new owners built what is known today as the Gettysburg Hotel.   

The ball room was built in 1814 and can hold up to 300 live guests, the other numbers are still unreported to date.  

In the early 1900's this hotel offered things other hotels did not yet have such as a restaurant, heat, electric lights and hot or cold baths.  


This hotel was even once considered and extension of the White House. President Eisenhower was staying at the location when he was recovering from a heart attack. 

This hotel prides it's self on customer satisfaction and they started this tradition back in the early 1800's.  Few can say they have served the public so well. 

Reported Hauntings

It is reported that the ghost of a nurse from the civil war era named Rachel haunts the halls looking for some injured to help.  So people have reported that the drawers in their rooms had been opened and clothes removed. 

It is also reported that one of the soldiers treated at the location still haunts the location. 

It is reported that a woman haunts the ballroom by enjoying a dance.