Ft Worth Stockyards Ghost Hunt

This was an interesting walk.  They did serve Alcohol with this tour and I think it is because they knew you would need it to make it thru the narration.  I wasn't impressed with the speaker but I did get some good photos for those who think Orbs are ghost.  Me myself I'm still awaiting some kind of proof.  But I will say its crazy how when you take photos with a regular camera and nothing is there but you take them with an altered camera and they are there watching.   Just incase though I took photos with both of my camera's so you can see for yourself.  I will say the tour is nice as far as seeing parts of the Stock Yards and getting little blurbs about the history.  I did like that!  Go as a group that will make it very much more enjoyable.  The people I attended with made the tour great. 

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Reported Haunting

There are so many haunted locations in the stockyards that I cannot list them all, so I will list a few of them.

I will start with Miss Molly's Hotel which is a former bordello and is maintained  as it originally was. 

The hauntings at this location range from the kitchen area being haunted to two rooms being haunted by previous working girls.

The Tarantula Train is said to still deliver some other worldly guests to the stockyards. 

The Stockyards hotel is reported to be haunted by possible previous tenants Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and other members of the Hole in The Wall Gang.    People have reported a ghost by the name of Jesse who would have loved to stay at the hotel when he was alive but could never afford it so he is staying for free in the afterlife. People report hearing his spurs jingle down the halls. 

People also report the presence of Jake who was a former employee who worked there over 30 years.  Jake will lock your door if you forget or ring your room in the middle of the night. 

The exchange Building which is the house of the Rodeo Arena  has been holding rodeo's since 1908.  Many a cowboys have passed away in that ring not to mention those that felt their happiest being on that bareback bucking bull , wanting to come back and experience that  thrill in the afterlife.   It is reported that EVPs have been captured in the arena.