Chestnut Square McKinney Texas

The school house on the site is a replica building and was constructed in 2005.  The first Schoolhouse in McKinney was built in 1877  and the then 1877 they built a second school house. 

The Faires House is one of the oldest standing buildings in the City of McKinney.  This home was built in 1854 by a man named John Faires who was a blacksmith.  Mr Faires moved to Texas from Tennessee.

The Taylor Inn was built in 1863 and was home to Armsted Taylor and his wife where they raised 7 kids.

The Dulaney Cottage was built in 1875 and was the original Dulaney home. It was built in 1875 by Dr Jospeh Dulaney who was a surgeon in the civil war.  Sadly Dr. Dulaney passed after his third child was born.   Widow Delaney had the upstairs bedrooms added on later.

The Dulaney  house was built in 1916 by Mrs. Dulaney's  brother John Field  who was a Dallas banker.  Mr. Field relocated to McKinney to help his sister with her children and had the house built for them all to reside in but before the house was completed Mr. Field passed away.

The Johnson House was built in 1870 by Dr. James Harmon who was a photographer.  This is the only house that was actually built where it stands.  Mr. Johnson was a Confederate Captain and bought the home  in 1978 and raised 13 children at this location.  Mr. Johnson was a politician who served in the State Senate and as a State Legislator.

The Dixie Store was built in 1918 by a man by the name of Brimer who had a daughter named Dixie.  The store supplied the residents of general supplies and was somewhat of a gathering place in town. 

The Chapel  was originally the Foote Baptist Church and was moved into chestnut square to be used as a chapel in 1994.

The Bevel House was built around the 1920's  the original owner was a Will Bevel who grew up in the area and became a farmer,  who dabbled in the ginning and grocery business.

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Reported Haunting's

 This location does boast some hauntings and they give a ghost tour every now and then to support the claims.  

They will take you for a tour through several  historic houses that have been moved to the location.  And they will tell you of the stories of the ghost's that moved with the houses.