Bad Wolf Ghost Tours

This is a Ghost Walk of the San Antonio Alamo City.  It was a great experience we walked around the Alamo and heard of the haunted locations around the Alamo. 

We really did not venture far from the Alamo but heard some great history about the buildings surrounding the Alamo.  I have taken photos of all the haunted locations that we visited.

The Gunter Hotel is the first part of the horror story.  It was built in 1837 a year after the fall of the Alamo.  It was  called the settlement inn or the frontier inn to some.   But it was actually a Texas Border Hotel back in its day.  The Inn was purchased and demolished in 1851 , and a two story building was built by the  Irish immigrant brothers John and James Vance.  These brothers then leased the building out to the US Army for the next 10 years.  Then came the civil war and the Federal troops and they occupied the building until 1872 when it was finally returned to the Vance Family. 

The Vance Family reopened the hotel and called it the Vance House or the Vance Hotel.  Shortly after receiving the property back the railroad came in and the Vance house was a short carriage ride from the tracks. This helped the hotel become a success.  The owners eventually brought in two German immigrants to run and manage the hotel .  The hotel turned into an even bigger success and in the 1900's an group of investors purchased the hotel in 1907.   These investors tore down the hotel and remade it.   And the hotel was given the name that it still holds today, Gunter. 

Later extra stories would be added to the hotel and they even added a roof that overlooked the Majestic Theater.  This hotel has housed many famous guests with the likes of John Wayne, Mae West, Tom Mix, and even President Harry S. Truman.

The Hotel would change hands many times over then next 20 years and undergo many renovations and eventually land in the hands of the Sheraton hotel chain where it is today. 

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Reported Hauntings

We walked past the St. Anthony hotel which has a two part story but this hotel's part was the later of the two, where it was reported that a man by the name Walter Emerick had stayed two nights before in room 636 at the Gunter Hotel where he had committed a murder, that body was never found or the victim identified.  But he checked in at the St Anthony and asked for room 636.  This room was occupied so they gave him room 536 instead and that was to be the room where he would breathe his last breath.  The police tracked him down from the previous murder and came to make the arrest and Walter put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger and died on the bed of room 536.   The hotel did some renovations in the years or 2013 thru 2015 and ended up splitting room 536 in half.  But the 5th floor is reported to give people very creepy feelings.  The staff reported receiving calls to bring extra towels up and when they knock no one answers the door.  They will make entrance and leave the towels in the restroom and as they head out they find the door way has been blocked by a heavy object. 

Other reported haunting's are people booking rooms and checking in to find a couple sitting on their bed having cocktails.

The employee's men's locker room is reported to be haunted, these haunting's range from sounds of someone washing up in one of the stalls to shadow figures reported hanging out.   People report hearing footsteps when no one is around. 

The 10th floor is not without its stories too, bellmen and workers alike reported being followed but in sound only when they turn to see who is behind them no one is there.  There is reported to be a tall man dressed in a dark suit ride the elevator to the 10th floor  he exits the elevator and then disappears, 

Guest's reported that in the middle of the night they heard a rapping on their door.  They got up to see who was knocking only to find all the guest on the floor doing the same thing because the knocker had knocked on all the doors at the same time.  It happened again at 6:15 am again that  morning.  

There is a reported lady in red roaming the hotel.  She is reported to use the ladies restroom.  People report seeing her enter the restroom in her heels clicking on the floor and she enters the first stall and then vanishes.